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October 2018

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Philip visited Twitch HQ in San Francisco to perform an interactive concert on Philip spoke with Twitch about his inspiration for the Kara theme, what it’s like to write for a game and why he loves to share his work with the community.

He opened his set with Buffalo Jump, a track that will be on his next album, and Cold Play’s Viva La Vida. He then performed the highly requested Kara theme from Sony PS4’s Detroit: Become Human, a mashup of Detroit: Become Human’s Dark Night and Kara Theme.

Philip broke into an interactive concert with the Twitch community who provided him with notes AFAFCD to create the community piece, Poggers. Not sure how we are going to work out the copyright and royalty shares yet for this piece… Here is the world premiere of Poggers!

He closed his set with Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah and Final Day from Jimmy Chin’s film, Meru.

Philip later performed a private concert for the Twitch team.

-photos by Ben Von Wong

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