Unkle End Titles redux

December 2008

Music Production

Review from Clash;

Picking ‘…Redux’ apart, laying it down as ten constituent pieces rather than a singular work, is a move likely to strip it of its magic, of the spark that catches the ear at every echoed piano note. Composer Philip Sheppard’s work with an ever-hungry Lavelle has produced what must rank as UNKLE’s most-rewarding record since their debut, an album short on pretentiousness but possessing conviction and confidence enough to deliver when odds, surely, were stacked against such an ‘experiment’ proving to be an enveloping, entertaining and enlightening listen, one that matches outward elegance with inner meticulousness. You need not be familiar with the source material to enjoy it, either.

If ever you dream of visiting the dark side of the moon, sounds from this record are sure to accompany your imaginary adventures – every step in liquid slow-motion, every glittering star above raining its luminescence down like gold dust. Somewhere in space, well, this could all be happening right now…