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March 28, 2009

I can’t play it well, but I love it all the same… Which other pieces would you like free sheet music for? Please let me know!

I’ve written quite a few pieces for piano recently, for various films and as concert works. (NB free download at the end)

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Sheet music for Crystallised Beauty

Here’s a track called Watermark for solo piano[Audio]

Limited edition download here

Glenn Gould [Audio]

After the Moonlight (Piano Trio)[Audio]And… This is new too The Daguerreotype [Audio]Here’s another recorded in Finchcocks, a stately home and piano museum. The instrument used is a Viennese double strung piano – a very rare and extremely fragile instrument. [Audio]

The piece is (as yet) unnamed, but is based on the idea of an empty drawing room at night – except, that is, for the piano. It holds within its wood and strings snatches of music, harmonics and melodies that others have played on it… Any ideas for names gratefully accepted – the more literary the better!

Here’s a second piece recorded on a Steinway – a slow ballade waltz [Audio]

Here’s a third piece called The Long Letter[Audio]

Here’s the obvious one (of Jane Austen fame)… Crystallised Beauty – the (not often heard) full-length version of the track:[Audio]Added todaySheet music for Crystallised Beauty!

And here’s one called for Elena[Audio]

This is a piece (with strings) called keep walking[Audio]

Here’s the mp3 if you’d rather download it and hear it on your personal gramophone (!): keep walking by Philip Sheppard

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23 comments on “Recent pieces for piano

  1. Autumn on

    All these wonderful piano pieces in one place! I’m bookmarking the page for frequent future visits. The waltz and The Long Letter are new to me; what a lovely gift to find first thing on a Monday morning when one sits down at the computer. Thank you.

  2. Mary on

    Thank you for sharing your gift with us. It brings tears to my eyes and stirs my heart to hear such beautiful music.

    Perhaps the unnamed piece would fit nicely with the passage from Dicken’s Oliver Twist – Chapter 32 … “It was a happy time. The days were peaceful and serene; the nights brought with them neither fear nor care; no languishing in a wretched prison, or associating with wretched men; nothing but pleasant and happy thoughts. Every morning he went to a white-headed old gentleman, who lived near the little church: who taught him to read better, and to write: and who spoke so kindly, and took such pains, that Oliver could never try enough to please him. Then, he would walk with Mrs. Maylie and Rose, and hear them talk of books; or perhaps sit near them, in some shady place, and listen whilst the young lady read: which he could have done, until it grew too dark to see the letters. Then, he had his own lesson for the next day to prepare; and at this, he would work hard, in a little room which looked into the garden, till evening came slowly on, when the ladies would walk out again, and he with them: listening with such pleasure to all they said: and so happy if they wanted a flower that he could climb to reach, or had forgotten anything he could run to fetch: that he could never be quick enough about it. When it became quite dark, and they returned home, the young lady would sit down to the piano, and play some pleasant air, or sing, in a low and gentle voice, some old song which it pleased her aunt to hear. There would be no candles lighted at such times as these; and Oliver would sit by one of the windows, listening to the sweet music, in a perfect rapture. ”

    Much Peace,

  3. Kristina on


    So beautiful “Crystallized beauty”, neeeed the sheets music!

    Where and when can I download it? And where is the music to get, on MP3 or CD?

    Lots of Love =)
    Kristina from Sweden

  4. Elue on

    I have read about your music and web site on a Jane Austen Blog and your music truly amazed me. The unnamed track with Viennese piano is magical, I really liked the mixing too. Famous Crystallised Beauty is such a beautiful tune, reminds me of a butterfly’s flapping wings. Thanks for sharing..

  5. Cas (From the Derbyshire Writers Guild) on

    Hi.. YOu probably don’t know me but I’m a member of the DWG… YOu recently posted this music on the Tea Room board and I have fallen in love with it. It is extremely expressive and beautiful. Is there anyway I can download these onto my iPod?


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