The Tillman Story – score by Philip Sheppard

February 5, 2010

Here as promised are three of the cues from the score of The Tillman Story, which has just been playing at Sundance 2010.

‘Amir Bar-Lev’s “The Tillman Story” is a riveting account of how a soldier’s death in Afghanistan was spun into a web of public lies…. Theatrical, broadcast and further fest exposure are assured…’


‘…driven by a terrific score by Philip Sheppard who did the music for “Sergio” and “In The Shadow of The Moon”…’


The AfghanCongressPat’s Chorale

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  1. Molly on

    Awesome sounds! I love it.

    Please, please tell me: what is the meter for “The Afghan”? I can pick out a division of 6, but it seems modulated or something. I can’t figure it out.


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