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March 22, 2010

If you’re kind enough to sponsor a wonderful charity, I’ll send you a free album download!

In 2005 I ran the London Marathon with my friends Andy and Rob in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital.

This year, we’re running it again in aid of the Anthony Nolan Trust (an incredible Leukemia charity).

26.2 miles is a jolly long way, and as many of you know I’m not a sporting chap (but I seem to be able to run for hours, which is just as well…).

I’m now up to 15 miles on my training runs. This normally involves going out fairly late at night with a headtorch, GPS and a playlist of scary music on my iPod(makes me run faster in the dark between villages!). I also have to drink lucozade Sport drinks on the way which are deeply unpleasant but do the job…

Here’s my deal with you;

If you sponsor me £1 / $1 or €1, (or more), then I will send you a special one-off album of my most popular tracks as featured on iTunes – ie tracks from, ‘In the Shadow of the Moon’, ‘Henry Mind of a Tyrant’ and pieces from my forthcoming Piano album, (examples below)

In the Shadow of the Moon[Audio]The Haunted Salon[Audio]

Go to this page here to leave however much or little you want, then drop me a message in the comments below (this can stay private), and I’ll send you a download code by return.

Thankyou lovely people….


0 comments on “Sponsor me and get a free album

  1. Dov Waterman on

    Hi Phillip, Full support on this one! Just sponsored you guys some money.
    I ran the 2004 marathon for the MS trust. I liked it so much I ran again a couple years later in Dublin. Loved it. Good thing I can run for hours too…slowly albeit…
    I’m releasing my debut album by the way in April, on which Peter Gregson features quite a bit. Would love to hear your comments and musings…
    Hope we can meet sometime.


  2. James Pearcey on

    Just dropped a sponsorship for the run. I hope you guys have an amazing time wearing yerself half to death for this worthy cause. Good luck gentlemen.

  3. remy on

    hi, i want to get your music and this doesnt allow me to pay!
    I m so sorry, but is there anyother way? Do let me know.
    Best regards

  4. Karen Mac on

    Hi Philip

    Hope all goes well today, just left my donation. Enjoying your website (music & pics). Good luck with getting Dido released, I’m first in the queue to purchase!



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