Scene from

May 26, 2010

Midnight Digital

Here’s a new track called Kinderszenen. Hope you like it.

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  1. thingeh on

    You have given us something quite wonderfully emotive in this piece, it’s quite touching. However, I do find myself wanting more, there’s more beauty in your idea than you’ve expressed.

    Whether this is due to work limitations (I get the fact you often work on strict timings) or not I do not know, but I’m sure you could hold our attention with this piece of music for a little longer.

  2. Peter on

    I’m with Phil on this one – I think that precisely the point is that it leaves you wanting more; for me, that’s what gives it it that kind of “necessity” or something…


  3. Molly on

    As usual, quite beautiful.

    I agree that especially in a piece that uses this kind of repeating piano motif it is important not to stretch it out too much – it can become very tedious very fast! And if in doubt it is better to understate than overstate.

    That being said, this piece is neither over nor understated. A good length. 🙂


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