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October 13, 2010

Here’s a piece I wrote about a Utopian place. Rolling fields, no sense of time, warmth and happy solitude… Solo violin by the very excellent Elspeth Hanson.
I would say it’s ambient, but it’s got too many melodic lines. It’s a bit celtic, but it’s not folk. Looking for a good title – any ideas?
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  1. Peter Jeffrey Gale on

    How about “Erewhon”, as in the utopian novel by Samuel Butler? This may have been based on Butler’s experience of New Zealand, which might fit your description in many ways, and was the home to many Irish immigrants, so also has utopian/Celtic connections.

  2. rubiescorner on

    As I listened I imagined happy skipping. That would be hard across an open field, but then my mind imagined dancers skipping together in a room with wooden floors. One couple led and then there were others who skipped to the fast beat and then changed to slower dance movement. The skipping at first might have been with one, then the next joined that person and they skipped together over the wooden floor. It started on the green grass, a happy person in a full, fancy, printed dress. Now there’s my imagination in you Utopian movie. Thanks for sharing it with us. I loved the violin, but it seemed to have a lot of “work” and the rest was not there. This is a get up and dance piece! A get up and skip together like old times, sideways across the floor piece. This is my opinion. Smile.

  3. vanityandselfabsorption on

    very nice! i enjoy the counter melody that comes in later with it… do you compose often? Do you ever make sheet music? I am interested in any other recordings you have, as well as any transcriptions if you’re up for sharing 🙂

  4. sophielumen on

    Oh, a title idea-when I listen again I see an otter swirling around in the water, playing and diving…its Gaelic name is ‘Dobhran’. There is an accent over the ‘o’.

  5. Mrs. Briteside on

    I loved it! When I listened, I could almost feel the sun on my face and breeze running through my hair as I imagined myself skipping along, frolicking.. playing. It has such a positive tone with a sense of hope. How about Sunnyside Up?

  6. Ed Ju on

    This is amazing, Phillip! This piece just lifts my spirits, its brilliantly sharp-sounding, yet gentle and soft. I love it and I consider it one of the best string-song I’ve ever heard, honestly.

    Bless you!


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