Study of Life

July 1, 2013

Darwin_sketchStudy of Life – a new track by Philip Sheppard. (solo clarinet by Pete Furniss)

I’m rather obsessed with other people’s notebooks. This image is an extract from Darwin’s notes concerning the variations in evolution of finches – core research upon the way to his extraordinary theories of evolution.

I’d like to think that if he’d had a computer (maybe something crafted by Mr Babbage…) he would still have laid everything out in ink, on fine paper first.

It’s so much easier to think in ink. Do you have a favourite journal?

I love Darwin’s ‘I think’ at the top of the page…

7 comments on “Study of Life

  1. Aurelian Giles on

    Thank you, Mr. Sheppard, for so generously sharing your music and thoughts. I always look forward to your posts. I have a journal. I am a Buddhist monk living in the mountains of British Columbia. Our temple is off-grid but we have solar power & Internet. It’s an interesting mix of 19th & 21st century living. My journal chronicles my spiritual journey from the time I was what I thought was an irredeemable alcoholic and drug addict to finding Buddhism and becoming ordained. I am 58 yrs. old, so the journals are many and span a 35-year time span. I now know that no being is irredeemable. I get immense pleasure and solace from listening to your music. I experience chronic fatigue and pain due to Hepatitis C, a karmic consequence of my earlier life, and listening to your beautifully crafted music is a great anodyne. May you live a long and happy life!

    • radiomovies on

      Dear Aurelian
      I’m so touched by what you’ve written.
      I hope you don’t suffer too much from your ailments. There is so much solace in being off the grid, let alone being spiritually focussed.
      I’m not sure I believe in Karmic consequences, I’d rather believe in a redemptive present & future.
      I’m massively flattered that my music helps in some small way & I hope you have a pain-free, wonderfully fulfilling experience amongst the mountains of beautiful BC…
      very best wishes

    • radiomovies on

      Dear Rob
      Thankyou for your kind words.
      I’m obsessed with natural sciences – but by only partial skill lies in music.. so it’ll have to suffice!

      • Rob Viens on

        Thanks – I just shared with my “Darwin readers” over at the Beagle Project blog, too.

        While on the Beagle voyage it was not uncommon when Darwin was in a large city to go to the theatre and “take in” the latest music that had made it across the Atlantic to South America.


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