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July 13, 2009

Exciting times ahead. Very close to coming up with a way to issue tracks in digital and physical formats with a twist.

I’ve just added this track that I wrote called Sink Below[Audio]

Here’s a track called Not Coming Back[Audio]

Hope you like it! The awesome photo below is by Trey Ratcliff. SLR genius

Photo by Stuck in Customs

Photo by Stuck in Customs

PS. Link to me on Twitter if you want updates on other tracks – – Free downloads regularly there – also if you leave me a message below, you may find an mp3 or two on its way..! Thanks for the continued support from Jane Austen fans – click here to know more…

0 comments on “Radiomovies periodical

  1. Madison on

    Oh wow. Absolutely fantastic. I adore cellos in most anything they’re used in. And that was just beautiful with the piano added. Thanks so much for sharing this with us!!
    I’d love to have an mp3. I listen to all the mp3s you’ve sent constantly. XD

  2. Hannah on

    Another amazing track Philip, I cannot wait for more! You seem to be able to capture such heartfelt moments in your music. I never fail to be outstanded by the beauty and depth of your compositions.

    I would love an mp3 of this!

  3. blarneygirl on

    Can I have a copy, too? Pleeeeease? 🙂

    I’ve got quite a collection going now and love to listen to them while I’m at work.

    BTW – thanks for sharing the pic your friend took. HDR photography is a passion of mine and I’m having a great time looking over his website!

  4. Amy on

    Thank you for the 2 pieces “not coming back” and “close your eyes.” They’re both very beautiful and calming–almost like time slows down while listening. How many layers of recording do you use to make that sound? I would really enjoy an mp3 of both, if you’re able, please!

    Wonderful job, as always!
    best, Amy

  5. Carmen on

    Hi Phillip!

    Your website is precious! I’ve already started to listen and download your beautiful pieces. By the way, this one called The Derwent Ballad can’t be downloaded 🙁

    I will link your site to ours as well as other places. You and your music deserve it! 😉

  6. Maria L. on

    Hi Phillip,

    I’ve loved discovering your lovely, evocative music. If you are not too tired of sending out mp3s, you have another fan waiting! I do hope you put out an collection of your music–I would happily purchase it. Did you ever find a title for the unnamed piece you posted after Crystallised Beauty? I really love that one.

  7. Rachel Midgley on

    This and ‘Close Your Eyes’ are two more lovely pieces, and definitely the sort of music that you have to stop and listen to properly. They are both very relaxing and have a nice understated quality to them that I really like.

    Are these available for download/buy anywhere? I would love to have them on my iPod.

  8. Vic on

    Your music keeps getting better and better. I just shared this link on my Twitter account and will feature it on Jane Austen’s World and Jane Austen Today as well. Vic


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