Radiomovies Piano News!

July 15, 2009

Well.. after lots and lots of talking and negotiating.. it looks like we can get the piano pieces released!! Initially on itunes, emusic and spotify.. as well as a nice coffee table version.

Please let me know with your comments which ones definitely make the cut!


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  1. Carmen on

    I’ve already listened to these new pieces and it has been and absolutely pleasure!! I really like them, but I especially love ‘Keep Walking’ for its strengh and ‘After the Moonlight’ for work of instruments over the piano base.

    Congratulations! I will keep on listening and reading your blog!! Keep working! it’s a real pleasure and art!

  2. Maeri on

    Hi Mr. Sheppard,

    You are on my list of favourite composers! I especially love the finchcocks piece, the piano trio, The Long Letter and Keep Walking. And will Not Coming Back and Close Your Eyes be on that cd? I like them especially. If you’re still sending mp3s could you please send me some? Thanks so much! And I can’t wait for your piano music to come on itunes!

  3. Amanda on

    I would pick the unnamed Finchcocks piece, the ballade waltz, and Crystallised Beauty. I also quite liked For Elena.

    Might I also put in a request for Close Your Eyes? I’ve been looking into buying my first ever ipod, and I would love to have Close Your Eyes on it. I absolutely love it; it’s a stress reliever, as I listen to it I can feel myself relaxing.
    Thank you so much for providing your wonderful music for us to listen to!


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