Apollo Good Earth

July 17, 2009

Working on ‘In the Shadow of the Moon’, and meeting many of the astronauts from the Apollo programme led me to fall in love with all things lunar.

Here’s something I wrote recently after listening to the Apollo 8 Genesis reading.. I noticed they all spoke around B flat major, and that their voices are inherently melodic.

Featured voices are; Frank Borman, James Lovell and Bill Anders.

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  1. Peter on

    I respect remixes of things like this – I did one with Obama’s inauguration speech in January:

    I think it has a really powerful way of making you listen to the words/see pictures, whatever, in a totally new way, often recontextualizing things in ways the original content producer could never have imagined.
    Like here.
    So, thanks..!

  2. solon on

    Hi Philip,

    I just happen to watch “Moon Machines” and loved your score. Some pieces don’t seem to come from the “Shadow of the moon” OST – are they available somewhere?

    bye, solon

  3. mike on

    for crying out loud. forget the bible thing! it belittles what is otherwise an amazing ‘human’ achievement. when will man start taking responsibility for his own actions?

    this thing they call ‘god’ has nought to do with it. nor has any badly written text of self-righteous parables.


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